About Us


I’m Elise, owner + maker at the handmade market co.

I started out painting wooden home signs as a way to fill my need for a creative outlet. With encouragement from friends and family I began a business and started selling signs on Etsy. After realizing my design was a hit, I trademarked my home logo and started adding it to apparel. With the support of my amazing customers, this business has grown from decor, apparel, accessories and more. I am so excited to continue to create new items, as well as help support those in need through tees for a cause.

The handmade market is currently my side hustle which takes up most of my nights and weekends. When I do have down time, I am snuggling with my pup Knox, binge watching housewives or hanging with friends and family.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such an amazing support system. My husband is always helping me stay creative, and I am so blessed with the best family and friends that are always supporting my dream (& looking so cute in their home gear!)

Long islanders have such pride in the beautiful place we call home, and I love that people want to wear their local pride. It’s an honor to help everyone represent our home, in a stylish and comfortable way.

Thanks for being on this journey with me!

Elise xx